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3 Days in Athens (Trip 1 )

3 Days in Athens, a Full tour of Athens and all the Sites, Plaka, Monasteraki, Parthenon,Acropolis and the Museums.

5 Days in the Peloponese ( Trip 2)

5 Days In The Peloponese, Kalamta, Mani, Sparta, Mycenae,Corinth,Olympia. Epidavros,Nafplio,Argos

3 Days in Central Greece (Trip 3)

3 Days in Central Greece, Delphi, Meteora, Agrinio.Larisa, 

4 Days Northern Greece Thessaloniki (Trip 4)

4 Days  in Northern Greece, Thessaloniki Mt Olympus,Agios Oros, King Philips Tomb,Alexandrpoli.

8 days in Lipsi,Patmos,Leros,Rhodes (Trip 5 )

5 Days in Lipsi, Day Trips to Patmos and Leros, 3 days in Rhodes.

6 Days On Crete 1 Day Ferry to Athens ( Trip 6 )

6 Days on the Island of Crete, road trip around the island and all the major sites and Hike Samaria Gorge.

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Dimitris Farm And Vineyard

Dimitris Farm Program Costs

Cost Starting At 200 Euros Per Week.


Includes Room, Half Board, Harvesting Privileges, 15 Hours Per Week Of Hands On Natural Farming Workshops. Practical Learning , Project Based Learning.


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Nikitas Village-Coming Soon

Time Frame and Scope

 We anticipate that Nikita’s Village will be completed within three years beginning in Spring of 2020. The initial phase will entail financial planning and allocation, implementing road infrastructures and site access, planting fruit-bearing indigenous trees and holding student workshops in sustainable building, including the collection of local, onsite stone, earth and natural insulation. 

 The involvement of local builders knowledgeable about traditional construction methods with the intention of providing training and research opportunities will result in a model villa. From there, any changes to the project scope will be adjusted before additional villas are built. Ye

 as well as the beginning construction of the communal buildings— student housing, farm buildings and the culinary workshop/administrative office. Years two and three will consist of villa and communal building completion, implementation of rainwater collection systems, solar energy installation, completion of infrastructures and continuation of farming activities. 

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